Employed barristers vent their ire on the Bar Council

The Bar Council has been slammed by employed barristers who, in a new survey, accuse it of treating them like “second class citizens”.

It formed one of several attacks on the bar in a survey of 225 employed barristers carried out by the Employed Barristers’ Committee (EBC).

Many expressed concern that the Bar Council does not provide sufficient pupillage opportunities, and that the Inns of Court “ignore” them.

The bar also came under attack for having a “lack
of clarity about rights of audience and what employed barristers are permitted to do”.

The EBC has vowed to ensure that the Bar Council improves communications with employed barristers, and to help supply training for employed barristers seeking to enter the judiciary.

EBC joint vice-chair Helen Mahy said: “Our relationship with the Bar Council is very good. The difficulty is that members of the employed bar don’t often see the results of the work the Bar Council does. We’re making efforts to address this.”

The Bar Council did not return calls.