Election swells ranks of PI bar

PERSONAL injury barristers have burst on to the Bar political scene with the election of the president of their newly-formed group on to the council.

Personal Injury Bar Association president Daniel Brennan QC is one of the three silks to be voted on to the council in this year's round of elections.

The association was only set up this year and already has around 600 members.

Earlier this month the group broke ranks with the Bar Council to join the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers in backing compromise conditional fee terms of engagement for counsel.

The other two successful silks were the Criminal Bar Association candidate Douglas Day QC and Jonathan Hirst QC.

In all, 19 seats were up for grabs in the elections.

The four seats reserved for the employed sector were shared between two CPS lawyers and two candidates from the commercial sector, Derek Wheatley QC, former Lloyds Bank chief legal adviser, and Susan Ward, former chair of the Association of Women Barristers.