Election round-up. Vox Pop

Richard Smerdon, senior partner at Bristol firm Osborne Clarke: “I’m going to vote for Eileen Pembridge. She’s an outsider who’s got the courage to stir things up at the Law Society which has become an expensive dinosaur hanging around our necks.”

William Galvin, solicitor in the civic law department at Hull City Council: “Yes I will vote. The local law society has mail shotted us with various policy statements. Certainly there’s no shortage of information. I felt that [Eileen Pembridge] had quite a strong platform. I think the reputation of women within the profession should be reflected in the make-up of the Law Society’s higher echelons.”

Mike Jervis Chaston, trainee with the environment team at Denton Hall: “I’ve received nothing. I was not thinking of voting. I was very distantly aware of it. But that’s just it. The Law Society seems to be very distant and exerts no control day-to-day on how I carry out my duties.”

Roy Douglas, a criminal lawyer from Bristol-based Douglas & Partners: “The election is of crucial importance because of the Lord Chancellor’s Green Paper on legal aid reform. It’s vital we have a strong leader with a clear view about how to respond. I’m voting for Henry Hodge.”

Ruma Verma, commercial property lawyer at Howes Percival’s Northampton office: “I won’t vote this time because I don’t think I have read enough. What aggrieved me is that just because Eileen Pembridge is a woman people do seem to take the attitude that she’s not going to be right.”

Lawrence Collins, a senior litigation partner at Herbert Smith, confirms he is voting, but declined to say who for:

“It is important that this democratic process should take place in the public arena.”