Another election, another crop of lawyers standing for Parliament. Here are some of the hopefuls.

We count 49 standing for the Conservatives, 31 for Labour, 16 for the Lib Dems, four for the SNP, five for the Greens, four for UKIP, three for the DUP, one for Sinn Fein, one for the English Democrats, one for the Women’s Equality Party and three independent candidates, for a grand total of 118. Know of any we missed? Email with the subject line LAWYER MPs.

Looking likely

Red rosetteName: Ellie Reeves
Party: Labour
Seat: Lewisham West & Penge
Legal qualifications: Employment barrister who was a pupil at 12 King’s Bench Walk and now works at Monaco Solicitors.

She says: “I am the local candidate with national experience. For over a decade I have worked as an employment rights lawyer – representing people day in day out. I want to put that experience into practice as a MP.” (London News Online)

Chances: Good. She is taking on a safe Labour seat from Jim Dowd, who is standing down.

Odds as of June 1: 1-10

Blue rosetteName: Bim Afolami
Party: Conservative
Seat: Hitchin and Harpenden
Legal qualifications: Former Freshfields associate turned banker

He says: “It’s deeply unfashionable these days but I’ve always had a passion for public service. I’ve always had a passion for serving people in the local community.” (The Comet)

Chances: Afolami takes on a safe Conservative seat from the outgoing Peter Lilley. He should win with ease.

Odds as of June 1: 1-200

Red rosetteName: Afzal Khan
Party: Labour
Seat: Manchester Gorton
Legal qualifications: Partner at Mellor & Jackson in Oldham

He says: “Manchester is a world class city, and we can make it even better. I will always speak up for Manchester and stand up for hardworking families here.” (Manchester Evening News)

Chance of winning: Former Lord Mayor of Manchester Khan takes on a very safe Labour seat from Gerald Kaufman, who died recently, triggering a by-election that was ultimately never took place after the snap general election was called. Khan would normally expect to win comfortably, but these are strange times: the Lib Dems claim they have a chance, while George Galloway is standing as an independent and may attract a share of the vote. Defeat would be a big shock, though.

Odds as of June 1: 1-14

Fighting the marginals

Yellow rosetteName: Màiri McAllan
Party: Scottish National Party
Seat: Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale & Tweeddale
Legal qualifications: Trainee solicitor

She says: “I am offering the people of Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale a strong voice and a clear choice. A choice between a future in which I ensure their voices are heard loud and clear in Westminster, and one where crucial decisions are made, behind closed doors, by a Tory government with its own dangerous agenda.” (Peeblesshire News)

Chances: The SNP lost by only 798 votes in 2015 so McAllan has a real chance of ousting the Tories’ one MP in Scotland.

Purple rosetteName: Paul Oakley
Party: UKIP
Seat: Clacton
Legal qualifications: Barrister at 1 Essex Court – not to be confused with One Essex Court. Called 1995.

He says: “Over 70 per cent of Clacton people proudly voted Leave and they deserve a UKIP MP who stands with them on this. They definitely don’t need another Tory Remainer who might well betray them with a soft Brexit.” (The Sun)

Chance of winning: This is a very interesting one because it was Douglas Carswell’s seat and thus one of the only constituencies ever held by UKIP. Carswell isn’t standing here (or anywhere) in 2017 so Oakley’s main opposition will be Tory Giles Watling, who failed to unseat Carswell in the 2014 by-election or the 2015 general, and voted Remain. Oakley’s performance here, one imagines, will be big in determining the future of UKIP. His start hasn’t been auspicious: local UKIPpers didn’t select him to fight the seat but party HQ provoked their ire by parachuting him in anyway.

Oakley contested the Mole Valley constituency in 2015, finishing third.

Odds as of June 1: 8-1

Red rosette

Name: Darren Jones
Party: Labour
Seat: Bristol North West
Legal qualifications: Legal counsel at BT, and former technology solicitor at Bond Dickinson

He says: “I was only a few thousand votes behind the Conservatives last time and if Labour, Lib Dem, Green – and also Tory voters who voted to remain – come together, then we could have a comfortable pro-European majority in Bristol North West.” (Bristol Post)

Chance of winning: The Tory incumbent, “Parliament’s sexiest MP” Charlotte Leslie, would hope to hold on to this seat but Jones, who took second place here in 2015, is calling for tactical voting by Greens and Lib Dems to help boost the chances of an anti-Brexit MP in a constituancy that voted Remain. It would be a shock if he won, but it’s a seat where odd things could happen.

Odds as of June 1: 12-1

Orange rosettesName: Simon Hughes
Party: Liberal Democrat
Seat: Bermondsey and Old Southwark
Legal qualifications: Barrister, called in 1974

He says: “If Labour had put in half the effort we had done with campaigning against Brexit, we wouldn’t be in this mess.” (Southwark News)

Chances: Long-time Bermondsey and Old Southwark MP Hughes lost this seat when the Lib Dem vote collapsed in 2015 and is fighting to take it back from Labour’s Neil Coyle. It is 14th on the Lib Dem’s list of ‘target’ seats for 2017 and could be a close-run thing.

Odds as of June 1: 5-6

Blue rosetteName: James Daly
Party: Conservative
Seat: Bolton North East
Legal qualifications: Solicitor at North West firm Crompton Halliwell

He says: “The country needs strong and stable leadership at a national level, which will come from Theresa May, and I believe I have the experience to provide that leadership locally.” (Bolton News)

Chances: After the Tories’ first choice stood down unexpectedly, Daly gets another go at fighting the seat he failed to win in 2015. It’s a marginal currently held by Labour. The party’s majority is just over 4,000 – but 8,000 people voted for UKIP here last time. How they break could make all the difference.

Odds as of June 1: 2-5

Blue rosetteName: Simon Clarke
Party: Conservative
Seat: Middlesbrough & South East Cleveland
Legal qualifications: Solicitor

Chances: This part of the world has been Labour though and through for years but times are changing. Clarke came third in the neighbouring, and much less marginal, Middlesbrough Central constituency in 2015 but this seat offers him a real chance of election should the Labour and/or UKIP vote collapse. The bookies are confident.

Odds as of June 1: 1-10

Red rosetteName: Catherine Atkinson
Party: Labour
Seat: Erewash
Legal qualifications: Personal injury and clinical negligence barrister at 9 Gough Square

Chances: Labour lost this seat to the Tories in 2010 and Atkinson failed to win it back in 2015. The Conservative majority is about 3,500 so Labour will need to have a good night if she’s to be victorious this time round.

Odds as of June 1: 12-1

Name: Emma Little-Pengelly
Party: DUP
Seat: South Belfast
Legal qualifications: A barrister before she entered political life

Chances: We won’t pretend to be experts on the intricacies of Northern Irish party politics but the DUP were only 906 votes behind the winner last time. Pengelly herself calls this “one of the most interesting constituencies across the UK” because it has four parties with a significant following.

Outside chances

Blue rosetteName: Hannah David
Party: Conservative
Seat: Harrow West
Legal qualifications: Former property solicitor, now non-practising, made partner at Maida Vale firm Jaffe Porter Crossick in 2006.

She says: “Crime is a serious concern for many. I regularly meet with the police to talk about the progress they are making on catching and convicting criminals. I am also working with local charities like the Ignite Foundation to ensure we stop our youngsters from getting caught up in gangs and ending up on the wrong side of the law.” (Harrow Times)

Chances: Harrow West has been Labour since 1997, but when she stood in 2015 David narrowed the gap on the long-term incumbent and achieved the Tories’ best result in the constituency since 1992.

Name: John Finucane
Party:  Sinn Fein
Seat: North Belfast
Legal qualifications: Solicitor

He says: “I have even had feedback from police officers who have contacted me to congratulate me in what I am doing, wishing me all the best. Not a lot of people would have thought that was possible a few years ago. I’m chuffed at that. People from different strands of society are showing there is an appetite for progressive, equal politics.” (Belfast Telegraph)

Chances: Finucane, the son of a solicitor murdered by loyalist paramilitaries during the Troubles, is seen as a surprise choice to contest this seat. Sinn Fein has previously had difficulties finding professionals to stand, so he represents a new breed within the party.

It would be a surprise if Sinn Fein won the seat, which has been a safe unionist one since the 80s (and is currently held by a barrister, Nigel Dodds), but its demographics have changed and Finucane is talking up his chances.

Blue rosetteName: Kashif Ali
Party: Conservative
Seat: Oldham East and Saddleworth
Legal qualifications: Barrister at St Johns Buildings Chambers, former pupil at 2 Harcourt Buildings

Chances: Held by Labour since the seat was created in 1997, this is a constituency that has nevertheless looked marginal at times. Ali has stood here twice before, in 2010 and a 2011 by-election. He won’t expect to win, but in the event of a really bad night for Labour, you never know.

Red rosetteName: Fiona Onasanya
Party: Labour
Seat: Peterborough
Legal qualifications: Solicitor at St Ives firm DC Law who has previously worked for Howes Percival and Eversheds.

She says: “Peterborough needs a local representative who will put them first. I will work tirelessly between now and June 8 to let local people know that this general election is a choice between a Labour Party that has always stood up for the people of Peterborough or a Conservative Party that only looks after the privileged few.” (Peterborough Today)

Chances: The colourful Conservative incumbent Stewart Jackson has a majority of less than 2,000 so if Labour were to have a good night Onasanya would fancy her chances.

Blue rosetteName: Paul Masterton
Party: Conservative
Seat: East Renfrewshire
Legal qualifications: Pensions associate at Pinsent Masons

He says: “East Renfrewshire deserves a Member of Parliament committed to backing them, not Nicola’s neverendum.” (The Extra)

Chances: The SNP unseated Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy here in 2015. Masterton is unlikely to pull off a win for the Tories but it’s not inconceivable.

Blue rosetteName: James Taghdissian
Party: Conservative
Seat: Exeter
Legal qualifications: Criminal barrister at Colleton Chambers

He says: “The choice on 8 June is clear. It is a choice between Theresa May’s Conservative Team providing strong and stable leadership for the United Kingdom, or a coalition of chaos and instability led by a failed and bumbling Jeremy Corbyn that will put our nation’s future at risk.” (Devon Live)

Chances: Taghdissian previously stood in Cardiff West in 2015. It would be a surprise if he unseated Labour’s Ben Bradshaw in Exeter but it’s not out of the question.

Blue rosetteName: Mark Vivis
Party: Conservative
Seat: Slough
Legal qualifications: Global IP counsel at Diageo and former Baker McKenzie associate

He says: “There’s real want for change. People are feeling that they’re being taken for granted, even neglected by Labour.”

Chances: Vivis will need to take a big chunk of votes from Labour and UKIP to overturn a Labour majority of over 7,000 – but with the incumbent standing down and Labour languishing in the polls, the IP lawyer and current Mayor of Amersham is in with a chance.

Red rosetteName: Anawar Miah
Party: Labour
Seat: Welwyn Hatfield
Legal qualifications: Public law barrister at Great James Street Chambers

He says: “I am pleased and proud to stand in the town where I live. The community spirit here is second to none but too often, when Welwyn Hatfield is mentioned in the corridors of power, people think of our gaff-prone MP who is currently attempting to climb his way back into government.” (Welwyn Times)

Chances: Grant Shapps’ seat! This is pretty solid Tory territory these days so Miah’s only real hope is that the people of Welwyn are fed up with Shapps’ various embarrassing moments on the national stage. Don’t bet on it though.

Don’t quit the day job

Red rosetteName: Thomas McNeil
Party: Labour
Seat: Meriden
Legal qualifications: Charities associate at Bates Wells Braithwaite, who trained at SJ Berwin and has also worked at Arnold & Porter.

He says: “I’m motivated by the politics of equal opportunity, and right now I don’t believe people in the UK have fair chances in life. My view is that the country should urgently invest in its people and public services now, so that we can yield social and economic returns in the future and the new technological era. 

“Working in the charity and social enterprise team at BWB has really allowed me to put my values into action and the organisations we work with have inspired me. At the same time, the firm has given me the freedom to pursue my personal endeavours outside of work, including in relation to my human rights campaigning and political activities”.

Chances: Meriden is a safe Conservative seat held by Caroline Spelman since 1997. Standing here last time, McNeil ran a distant second, gaining 9,996 votes.

Name: Tim Lord
Party: Independent
Seat: Cities of London and Westminster
Legal qualifications: Non-practising solicitor, currently European Head of General Sensing Ltd. At Linklaters from 1989-93, went on to regulatory roles at the likes of ITV, Cable & Wireless and the BBC.

He says: “I would halt the Article 50 process, investigate who paid for and who benefited from it, I would insist on a costed plan for Brexit before we continue down this path which will impact us for a generation.” (CrowdPac)

Chances: This is a safe Conservative seat and Lord’s plan to “send a message to the centre of the Tory High Command” by ousting them in Westminster itself is as ambitious as it is unlikely.

Blue rosetteName: Laura Farris
Party: Conservative
Seat: Leyton and Wanstead
Legal qualifications: Employment barrister at Littleton Chambers

Chances: Farris has no chance in this Labour stronghold, but should finish second.

Green rosetteName: Sinead King
Party: Green
Seat: Chingford and Woodford Green
Legal qualifications: Commercial and employment barrister at 36 Bedford Row

She says: “From my professional experience I thought introducing a whole different trade and legal relationship with Europe was too much to put our country through. But now it’s happening the bottom line is a lot of British Law is derived from EU law, so we need to be very careful about what we take and what we leave.” (East London Guardian)

Chances: King won’t make much headway in Iain Duncan Smith’s seat and will have to improve on the Greens’ 2015 share of the vote here to save her deposit.

Name: Harini Iyengar
Party: Women’s Equality Party
Seat: Vauxhall
Legal qualifications: Employment barrister at 11KBW.

She says: “Voters in Vauxhall are looking for a meaningful alternative, are delighted to hear I’m standing, and want to vote for me.” (Lawyer 2B)

Chances: This is an interesting seat because it ought to be safe but it’s Kate Hoey’s – a Labour Brexiter who the Lib Dems are targeting. Iyengar won’t win (although she disagrees), but in the event of a collapse in Hoey’s support, the votes cast for the WEP could have a significant effect on who takes the seat.

Green rosetteName: The Revd Dr Catherine Shelley
Party: Green
Seat: Croyden South
Legal qualifications: Lawyer and priest! Associate specialising in ecclesiastical law at Lee Bolton Monier Williams.

She says: “It’s not a wasted vote. If what you believe is contrary to the politics that’s in power, then you should express that. It’s not about voting for winners, but voting for what best approximates what would be best for the country and your community.” (Church Times)

Chances: Shelley will aim to save the Green’s deposit for the first time in this safe Conservative seat.

Name: Mirza Zillur Rahman
Party: Independent
Seat: East Ham
Legal qualifications: Immigration barrister

He says: “I look forward to a positive campaign, meeting citizens, and tackling challenges.”

Chances: This is a very safe Labour seat so it’s unclear what Rahman will get out of standing as an independent.

Blue rosetteName: Chris Donnelly
Party: Conservative
Seat: Midlothian
Legal qualifications: A barrister in the sense that he passed the BPTC in 2007, but he does not appear to ever have practised. Now a policy officer at Citizen’s Advice in Edinburgh.

He says: “I am asking you to lend me your vote on June 8 to help me fight your corner at the heart of government, not shouting from the sidelines. I have a history of standing up for people who do not have loud voices and I will continue to do so if elected as your representative.” (Midlothian Advertiser)

Chances: The SNP will expect to hold on to this one.

Orange rosettes

Name: Jonathan Mitchell
Party: Liberal Democrat
Seat: Hornchurch and Upminster
Legal qualifications: Criminal barrister at 25 Bedford Row

He says: “I don’t mind Corbyn and what he has got to say but he doesn’t quite look the part to become Prime Minister. As for the Conservatives, they are very strong in this constituency and Havering generally but it is time for a change.” (Romford Recorder)

Chances: None whatsoever.

Red rosetteName: Dan Lodge
Party: Labour
Seat: Brecon and Radnorshire
Legal qualifications: Cardiff-based barrister at 7 Bedford Row, called 1998

He says: “Jeremy Corbyn has welcomed the calling of a general election and we are fighting to win it.” (Brecon & Radnor Express)

Chances: Labour last won Brecon and Radnorshire in 1970 and have had poor fortune since then, so it will be the Tories and Lib Dems who fight it out here.

Green rosetteName: James Booth
Party: Green Party
Seat: Macclesfield
Legal qualifications: Employed Barrister at Roberts Jackson Solicitors, formerly of Horwich Farrelly, St Johns Buildings Chambers and 8 King Street Chambers

Chances: The Greens have never held their deposit in Macclesfield, though they came close in 2015. That must surely be Booth’s goal.

Red rosetteName: Jayne Kirkham
Party: Labour
Seat: Truro and Falmouth
Legal qualifications: Former employment lawyer

She says: “Labour will campaign for a Brexit which genuinely provides the best deal for the country and protects all the workers’ rights and environmental protections that the EU has given us. The Tories see these rights as red tape. They will not protect workers or the environment.” (Falmouth Packet)

Chances: Non-existent. Labour is an also-ran behind the Conservatives and the Lib Dems here.

Red rosetteName: Manjinder Singh Kang
Party: Labour
Seat: Tewkesbury
Legal qualifications: Recently-qualified solicitor, working at Lyons Davidson

Chances: Another safe Conservative seat, Labour will battle it out with the Lib Dems for second place here.

Blue rosetteName: Siobhan Baillie
Party: Conservative
Seat: Bermondsey and Old Southwark
Legal qualifications: Family law solicitor formerly with Blandy & Blandy, currently non-practising

She says: “I have made mental health and wellbeing a priority in my work as a councillor, in my professional career as a family law solicitor, and for a local charity here. I am making it a priority for Bermondsey and Old Southwark and I am hugely proud to have the backing of Theresa May in my campaign.” (Southwark News)

Chances: There are two lawyers fighting in this seat: Lib Dem barrister Simon Hughes will be fighting to take it back after losing it to Labour in 2015. Barring a Tory landslide of epic proportions, Baillie will expect to finish third here.

Orange rosettesName: Paul Ray
Party: Liberal Democrat
Seat: Lichfield
Legal qualifications: Head of banking and finance at Browne Jacobson

Chances: The Lib Dems finished second here as recently as 2010 but Ray only gathered 2,700 votes in 2015, coming fourth. UKIP aren’t standing here this time so he should rise to third, but that’s about all he can hope for. The seat is a safe Conservative one, held by Brexiter Michael Fabricant.

Green rosetteName: Charley Pattison
Party: Green
Seat: North Somerset
Legal qualifications: Criminal barrister at Queen Square Chambers and the Green Party’s justice spokesperson

She says: “I am a skilled and passionate advocate, and through my work I have experienced first-hand some of the worst failings of modern society. I will be unrelenting in my pursuit of a more equal society and fearless in my support for the protection and regeneration of our natural world.” (Bristol Post)

Chances: Liam Fox’s seat, this is a solid Conservative constituency but the Greens held their deposit when they first stood here in 2015. If Pattison can build on that result, it will be a job well done.

Orange rosettesName: James Sandbach
Party: Liberal Democrat
Seat: Suffolk Coastal
Legal qualifications: Called to the bar, but never practised. He’s remained in the legal sector, though, most recently as advocacy manager for the Low Commission and Legal Action Group. Before that he spent ten years as Social Policy Officer for Citizens Advice.

Chances: Sandbach stood here in 2015 and saw the Lib Dem vote collapse in the seat as his party fell behind Labour and UKIP to finish fourth. The Conservatives will win here, but Sandbach will hope to gather more votes than the 4,777 he managed last time.

Red rosetteName: Barrie Fairbairn
Party: Labour
Seat: Grantham and Stamford
Legal qualifications: Criminal lawyer at Barrie Fairbairn Solicitors

Chances: Fairbairn came third behind the Tories and UKIP when he stood in 2010. He may well take second place this time, but incumbent Nick Boles may well increase his sizeable majority.

Orange rosettesName: Alexander Payton
Party: Liberal Democrat
Seat: North West Hampshire
Legal qualifications: Barrister at Alpha Court Chambers

Chances: A safe Tory seat, Payton came fourth here in 2015 and is unlikely to do much better two years on.

Orange rosettesName: David Watts
Party: Liberal Democrat
Seat: Newark
Legal qualifications: Nottingham-based solicitor

He says: “It strikes me that the most successful politicians are pests. Whoever the MP for Newark is, they need to continue making the case.” (Newark Advertiser)

Chances: Watts lost his deposit here in a 2014 by-election: retaining it in this safe Tory seat this time round would be progress.

Name: Robin Tilbrook
Party: English Democrats
Seat: Clacton
Legal qualifications: Solicitor at Tilbrook’s in Essex, College of Law Chester graduate

Chances: We’ve already talked about Clacton as an interesting seat, with barrister Paul Oakley battling to win it for UKIP. Tilbrook, the leader of the English Democrats, may not come last but only because there are two independent candidates fighting the seat as well.

Blue rosetteName: Steph Roe
Party: Conservatives
Seat: Sheffield Central
Legal qualifications: Managing Partner at S&O Partnership, formerly of Corker Binning

She says: “The Labour party think they have Sheffield Central in the bag. But I think they are complacent, especially as so many people know that Corbyn would be a terrible Prime Minister.” (Sheffield Star)

Chances: The Tories haven’t even managed second place here since 1992. Labour will win comfortably and Roe will be in a three-way battle for the runner-up spot with the Lib Dems and former Green party leader Natalie Bennett.

Red rosetteName: Mark Chalanor
Party: Labour
Seat: Winchester
Legal qualifications: Family barrister at 42 Bedford Row, called 2002

He says: “I am a father of three and a family lawyer. Within my work I see people from all walks of life in need of support and truly believe the state should help those who have fallen on hard times or who aspire to better their lives.” (Hampshire Chronicle)

Chances: Chalanor came third here in 2015 and will probably match that result this time round. If he can hit 5,000 votes he’ll have done better than any Labour candidate in Winchester since the 70s.

Purple rosetteName: David Outterside
Party: UKIP
Seat: Stockton South
Legal qualifications: Criminal barrister at Nottingham’s 1 High Pavement Chambers, called 2004.

He says: “Barrister. Libertarian. Patriot.” (Twitter profile)

Chances: None. Even in this quite Brexity area UKIP came a poor third in 2015. Tory James Wharton, a solicitor, is the incumbent.

Red rosetteName: Bilal Mahmood
Party: Labour
Seat: Chingford and Woodford Green
Legal qualifications: Banking and corporate finance solicitor, formerly of Allen & Overy and Addleshaw Goddard and now in-house counsel at China Construction Bank.

Chances: Mahmood finished second and cut Iain Duncan Smith’s majority by a few thousand when he ran in 2015: it’s hard to see him doing any better this time around.

Purple rosetteName: Toby Brothers
Party: UKIP
Seat: Mid Sussex
Legal qualifications: A criminal solicitor of 25 years who trained with a large commercial practice. Now a sole practitioner.

Chances: Brothers will do well to fare better than in 2015, when he finished third here.

Orange rosettesName: Chris Bramall
Party: Liberal Democrat
Seat: Stourbridge
Legal qualifications: Retired solicitor who spent 25 years working in the Professional Ethics department at the Law Society

Chances: Bramall has stood for the Lib Dems in Stourbridge on five previous occasions and came third every time until 2015, when he dropped to fourth. If he can go some way to winning back some of the 7,733 votes he got in 2010, he’ll have done very well.

Blue rosetteName: Jason Charalambous
Party: Conservative
Seat: Islington South & Finsbury
Legal qualifications: Solicitor-advocate at shipping firm E. G. Arghyrakis & Co.

He says: “I am looking forward to spending the next few weeks meeting as many local people as I can, championing local issues and making the case for a strong and stable government led by Theresa May.”

Chances: Standing against barrister Emily Thornberry, Charalambous is unlikely to make much headway in this safe Labour seat.

Orange rosettesName: Simon Dodd
Party: Liberal Democrat
Seat: Dover & Deal
Legal qualifications: Professional support lawyer at LexisNexis, specialising in EU and competition law. Trained at Mayer Brown Rowe & Maw and also previously worked at O’Melveny & Myers and Lawrence Graham.

He says: “In standing for this seat I want to protect and increase jobs and quality of life for local people. As a border town, Dover is threatened head-on with the practical realities of leaving the EU single market.” (Kent Online)

Chances: Dodd goes up against another lawyer in the form of the incumbent MP, ex-Hunton & Williams partner Charlie Elphicke. The Lib Dems finished fourth in this seat last time, some way behind UKIP and a bit of a rebound is the best Dodd can hope to achieve.

Orange rosettesName: Shazu Miah
Party: Liberal Democrat
Seat: Wyre Forest
Legal qualifications: Solicitor at Kidderminster firm SM Lawson

He says: “I will be campaigning and making the case that anyone who wants to avoid a disastrous hard Brexit, keep Britain in the single market, and who wants Great Britain to remain open, tolerant and united, the only party to vote for is the Liberal Democrats.” (Kidderminster Shuttle)

Chances: The seat formerly held by ‘Independent Kidderminster Hospital and Health Concern’ candidate Richard Taylor is now a very safe Tory seat where the Lib Dems finished a miserable fifth place in 2015.

Purple rosetteName: Tim Page
Party: UKIP
Seat: Devizes
Legal qualifications: A partner at Clifford Chance until 2013, now a consultant at Latham & Watkins

Chances: Page will fight it out with Labour to finish a distant second place behind the Tories.

Red rosetteName: Oliver Kavanagh
Party: Labour
Seat: Henley
Legal qualifications: “A 23-year-old lawyer,” says the Henley Standard. Beyond that, details are sketchy though it appears he may be a member of Lincoln’s Inn.

He says: “Working as a lawyer, I have seen first-hand the injustice caused by cuts to our vital services. For me, Labour represents a great British tradition of social justice for the many and a hope of equality for all.” (Henley Standard)

Chances: Kavanagh won’t expect much success in the seat once occupied by Boris.

Blue rosetteName: Jackson Ng
Party: Conservative
Seat: St Helens North
Legal qualifications: Qualified solicitor and barrister, currently of Chan Neill Solicitors

Chances: Slim to none. It would take a collapse of epic proportions for Labour to lose here.

Orange rosettesName: Alex Cunliffe
Party: Liberal Democrats
Seat: Ruislip, Northwood & Pinner
Legal qualifications: Chancery and commercial barrister at Lamb Chambers

Chances: This is a safe Conservative seat. The Lib Dems fell behind UKIP here last time, but Cunliffe could regain third place.

Name: Primerose Makunzva
Party: Independent
Seat: Rochester & Strood
Legal qualifications: Solicitor at Immigrations Practitioners Services

She says: “We saw Emmanuel Macron an independent candidate winning the French Presidential Election without the infrastructure of an organised political party. I am more convinced that one does not need an organised political party in order to win an election.” (Zimbabwe Daily)

Chances: A former Labour voter and Remainer in quite a Brexity seat, Zimbabwe-born Makunzva has her work cut out to be the next Emmanuel Macron.

Orange rosettesName: Antony Hook
Party: Liberal Democrat
Seat: Faversham and Mid Kent
Legal qualifications: Fraud barrister at Great James Street Chambers

He says: “I want to use my skills as a barrister to speak up for everyone in our town, for health, social care and anti-social behaviour.”

Chances: None at all in this safe Tory seat.

Blue rosetteName: Lauren Hankinson
Party: Conservative
Seat: Gateshead
Legal qualifications: Formerly a trainee and then solicitor at Dentons 

Chances: Seats don’t get much more ‘safe Labour’ than this one.

Orange rosettesName: Helen Korfanty
Party: Liberal Democrat
Seat: Bury St Edmunds
Legal qualifications: Semi-retired solicitor, currently at the excellently named McCarthy Stewart Booty.

Chances: The Lib Dems dropped from second here in 2010 to fifth in 2015. Korfanty will aim to win back some of those 12,000 lost votes.

Orange rosettesName: Alex Glassbrook
Party: Liberal Democrat
Seat: Tooting
Legal qualifications: Barrister at Temple Garden Chambers

Chances: Glassbrook fought the Tooting by-election last year (when Sadiq Khan passed the baton to Rosena Alin-Khan, now the Labour MP) and came fourth with 820 votes, 10 behind the Greens. But much has changed, Glassbrook tells The Lawyer: “Wandsworth borough as a whole was 75 per cent remain, so the Conservatives look much weaker and (notwithstanding Rosena’s vote against triggering Article 50), voters are dismayed at Jeremy Corbyn’s lack of opposition to hard Brexit. Wandsworth Lib Dems have had a surge in membership and the campaign has been very well received.”

We can’t see Glassbrook troubling either Labour here, but he should get more votes than in the 2016 by-election, which was a week before the Brexit referendum and had numerous independent and minor-party candidates, including those from the Monster Raving Loonies and the Give Me Back Elmo Party, siphoning off protest votes.

Green rosetteName: Sally Calverley
Party: Green
Seat: North East Somerset
Legal qualifications: Solicitor, formerly of Norton Rose, Capsticks and Bevan Brittan

She says: “Bath and North East Somerset voted to Remain in the EU Referendum with one of the highest Remain votes in the country. Despite this, Jacob Rees-Mogg is pushing for the most extreme form of Brexit and refuses to take any view other than his own seriously.”

Chances: Calverley stands against the ultimate Tory, Jacob Rees-Mogg, who is a popular local MP. The Greens came last here in 2015 but nonetheless saved their deposit and significantly increased their vote.

Orange rosettes

Name: Dominic Graham
Party: Liberal Democrat
Seat: Harwich and North Essex
Legal qualifications: Senior PI and clin neg solicitor at Holmes & Hills

Chances: None. This is a safe Tory seat. Graham came fourth with 3,576 votes in 2015.

And here are the lawyers already in Parliament…

Seat Name Party Barrister/solicitor First elected Majority
Banbury Victoria Prentis Con Barrister 2015 18,395 (31.7%)
Belfast North Nigel Dodds DUP Barrister 2001 5,326 (13.1%)
Belfast East Gavin Robinson DUP Barrister 2015 2,597 (6.5%)
Birmingham Ladywood Shabana Mahmood Lab Barrister 2010 21,868 (60.9%)
Bolton South East Yasmin Qureshi Lab Barrister 2010 10,928 (26.8%)
Camberwell & Peckham Harriet Harman Lab Solicitor 1982 25,824 (50.1%)
Cardiff Central Jo Stevens Lab Solicitor 2015 4,981 (12.9%)
Carlisle John Stevenson Con Solicitor 2010 2,774 (6.5%)
Cheltenham Alex Chalk Con Barrister 2015 6,516 (12.1%)
Colchester Will Quince Con Solicitor 2015 5,575 (11.5%)
Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East Stuart McDonald SNP Solicitor 2015 14,752 (29.9)
Dartford Gareth Johnson Con Solicitor 2010 10,628 (21.2%)
Dover & Deal Charlie Elphicke Con Solicitor 2010 6,294 (12.5%)
Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale & Tweeddale David Mundell Con Solicitor 2005 798 (1.5%)
East Yorkshire Sir Greg Knight Con Solicitor 1983, 2001 14,933 (29.9%)
Edinburgh South West Joanna Cherry QC SNP Barrister 2015 8,135 (15.8%)
Ellesmere Port and Neston Justin Madders Lab Solicitor 2015 6,275 (13.4%)
Esher and Walton Dominic Raab Con Solicitor 2010 28,616 (50.2%)
Fareham Suella Fernandes Con Barrister 2015 22,262 (40.7%)
Gillingham & Rainham Rehman Chishti Con Barrister 2010 10,530 (22.4%)
Hammersmith Andy Slaughter Lab Barrister 2005 3,549 (7.5%)
Havant Alan Mak Con Solicitor 2015 13,920 (31.1%)
Hexham Guy Opperman Con Barrister 2010 12,031 (27.8%)
Holborn & St Pancras Sir Keir Starmer QC Lab Barrister 2015 17,048 (31%)
Hull East Karl Turner Lab Solicitor 2010 10,319 (29.4%)
Huntingdon Jonathan Djanogly Con Solicitor 2001 19,404 (34.7%)
Islington South & Finsbury Emily Thornberry Lab Barrister 2005 12,708 (28.7%)
Kingston & Surbiton James Berry Con Barrister 2015 2,834 (4.8%)
Leeds East Richard Burgon Lab Solicitor 2015 12,533 (32.8%)
Loughborough Nicky Morgan Con Solicitor 2010 9,183 (17.6%)
Louth and Horncastle Victoria Atkins Con Barrister 2015 14,977 (29.8%)
Maidstone & the Weald Helen Grant Con Solicitor 2010 5,889 (12.0%)
Mid Dorset & Poole North Michael Tomlinson Con Barrister 2015 10,530 (22.6%)
Newcastle North Catherine McKinnell Lab Solicitor 2010 10,153 (22.6%)
Norfolk North Norman Lamb Lib Dem Solicitor 2001 4,043 (8.2%)
North East Cambridgeshire Stephen Barclay Con Solicitor 2010 16,874 (32.6%)
North West Cambridgeshire Shailesh Vara Con Solicitor 2005 16,677 (28.6%)
Northampton North Michael Ellis Con Barrister 2010 3,245 (8.2%)
North East Hertfordshire Sir Oliver Heald QC Con Barrister 1992 15,194 (30.1%)
Nuneaton Marcus Jones Con Conveyancing manager 2010 4,882 (10.7%)
Ochil & South Perthshire Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh SNP Solicitor 2015 10,168 (17.6%)
Old Bexley & Sidcup James Brokenshire Con Solicitor 2005 15,857 (34.9%)
Orkney and Shetland Alastair Carmichael Lib Dem Solicitor 2001 817 (3.6%)
Rossendale & Darwen Jake Berry Con Solicitor 2010 5,654 (11.5%)
Rushcliffe Ken Clarke Con Barrister 1970 13,829 (25.1%)
South East Cambridgeshire Lucy Frazer QC Con Barrister 2015 16,837 (28.3%)
South Leicestershire Alberto Costa Con Solicitor 2015 16,824 (31.2%)
South Ribble Seema Kennedy Con Solicitor 2015 5,945 (11.4%)
Stalybridge and Hyde Jonathan Reynolds Lab Solicitor 2010 6,686 (16.3%)
Stockton South James Wharton Con Solicitor 2010 5,046 (9.7%)
Stone Sir Bill Cash Con Solicitor 1984 13,292 (28.1%)
Streatham Chuka Umunna Lab Solicitor 2010 13,934 (27.9%)
Swindon South Robert Buckland QC Con Barrister 2010 5,785 (11.7%)
Torfaen Nick Thomas-Symonds Lab Barrister 2015 8,169 (21.5%)
Tottenham David Lammy Lab Barrister 2000 23,564 (55.4%)
Walsall South Valerie Vaz Lab Solicitor 2010 6,007 (14,4%)
Witney Robert Courts Con Barrister 2016 5,702 (14.8%)
Wolverhampton SW Rob Marris [NOT STANDING IN 2017] Lab Solicitor  2015 801 (2%)
Wrexham Ian Lucas Lab Solicitor 2001 3,658 (11.1%)