Only two years on from the last general election, Britain faces another vote and Parliament’s healthy crop of lawyer MPs face another battle for their seats.

Wolverhampton South West’s MP, Rob Marris, is the lawyer with the narrowest majority at the moment. A former trade union solicitor, he was initially elected in 2001, then lost his seat in 2010 before winning it back in 2015 by a margin of just 801 votes. He’s now in for another fight against Conservative opposition.

The Liberal Democrats’ sole Scottish MP, Alastair Carmichael, is also in danger, having won by just 817 votes in 2015.

At the other end of the spectrum, a lawyer with one of the safest seats is barrister Shabana Mahmood. The MP for Birmingham Ladywood, she enjoys a majority of 21,868 (60.9 per cent).

The lawyers with the narrowest majorities

Seat Name Party Qualification Elected Majority
Wolverhampton SW Rob Marris Lab Solicitor 2015 801 (2%)
Orkney and Shetland Alastair Carmichael Lib Dem Solicitor 2001 817 (3.6%)
Kingston & Surbiton James Berry Con Barrister 2015 2,834 (4.8%)
Carlisle John Stevenson Con Solicitor 2010 2,774 (6.5%)
Hammersmith Andy Slaughter Lab Barrister 2005 3,549 (7.5%)
Northampton North Michael Ellis Con Barrister 2010 3,245 (8.2%)
Norfolk North Norman Lamb Lib Dem Solicitor 2001 4,043 (8.2%)
Stockton South James Wharton Con Solicitor 2010 5,046 (9.7%)

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