Edward Lewis prepares to dissolve partnership

PARTNERS at London firm Edward Lewis are planning to dissolve the partnership, as senior staff scramble for positions elsewhere.

The Lawyer understands the 29-partner Holborn firm, subject of several sex discrimination allegations, may now wind up, with senior partners considering 1 March next year as a date for dissolution. A source close to the firm says Edward Lewis will cease to exist in its current form. Asked whether the firm will exist after 1 March, he says: “Not as we know it.”

The firm refuses to comment. But The Lawyer understands several partners are being interviewed for posts at other firms. There is intense speculation about the future of Tony Collins, the chairman of the firm who resigned from its management committee after allegations of sex discrimination (which he denies), and attempts by six equity partners to oust Collins from the partnership.

Equity partners Michael Breen, Martin Thomas, Brendan Murphy, Jeremy Rutter, Kieron West and Barry Lewis have failed to remove Collins from the chairmanship.