Editor’s weekly: The joys of tax

I was flicking through some back issues of Lawyer 2B last week and stumbled across the perfect accompaniment to this week’s feature on how to survive your LPC tax module.

I’m sure there are few among you who think of tax as sexy or cool. Indeed, Simon Lee wrote the poem below to prove it during his LPC year at the College of Law’s York branch.

The Joys of Tax

The Inland Revenue is watching you.
This is true, for tax is always due.
But is doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy ourselves, indulge ourselves,
In our tax calculations:
Shapely figures dancing, undulating,
Stimulating my imagination –
I’m into tax avoidance, not evasion.
Rumbustious relieves electrify my mind
To the point I find I start to daydream.
It seems the figures ferment:
It is meant to be between you and me?
Come join me in tax ecstasy.
Indulge me, and hold over my gain,
While we roll over again. I wake up.
In the distance, I hear the taper of my tiny feet.
The rain beats gently against the windowpane. And I look at my self assessment form again.
I live for tax, I work for tax, for tax I earn,
But will the magic return

I’ll leave you to decide that one.

Seriously, love it or hate all wannabe lawyers need to have a good head for tax so Pamela Henderson’s article I hate tax is well worth a read.

In a few weeks time we will be running a similar article on the LPC accounts module. So if you fancy writing a poem on the joys of balance sheets and working capital then please do get in touch.


P.S – Simon if you’re reading my newsletter then let me know what you’re up to now especially if you’re now a tax lawyer!