Edge Ellison makes global market move

Edge Ellison has made its first formalised foray into the global market by signing up to the International Lawyers Network.

Along with niche London practice Memery Crystal, the Birmingham stalwart is the only other UK operation in the 70 firm-strong network.

The firm began talks with the organisation early this year and signed up at the beginning of February.

The International Lawyers Network (ILN) operates in 58 countries including the US, France and Japan.

Edge Ellison says the network it is not an exclusive relationship and it will continue to work with other non-ILN overseas firms.

The network's practice areas include corporate and commercial, employment, IP, tax and ADR.

Each firm within the network accepts work on a case-by-case basis. If it takes the work on it then establishes a direct relationship with the client although the referring firm is able to stay involved with the case if necessary.

Memery Crystal has been with the network since it was founded in 1989.

Managing partner Jon-athan Davies says the inclusion of another UK firm will boost the network.

He adds that it is not an unusual step for a country to have more than one firm within the network

“There were discussions about which countries it would be advantageous to have more than one member in and the UK was an obvious choice.”