EasyGroup ramps up IP to protect brand name

easyGroup is pursuing a more aggressive brand- protection campaign against companies using the word easy, after it emerged that Memery Crystal has developed a team with the specific purpose of defending companies caught up in trademark disputes with easyGroup.

EasyGroup IP Licensing has created a managing director position for an IP lawyer with an ability to firefight companies such as those represented by Memery Crystal.

Della Burnside, head of legal at easyGroup, said: “easyGroup cannot permit others to use the ‘easy’ name without the group’s rights being prejudiced. It follows that no use should be made of the name ‘easy’, or anything similar to it, without our consent.”

As one of the UK’s most recognisable brands, easyGroup has become a bellwether for UK brand owners.

EasyGroup founder Stelios Haji-Ioannou told The Lawyer: “In this day and age some of the biggest assets in the world are intangible ones such as brands.”

Last week easyGroup defended itself in a High Court trademark dispute against internet service provider easynet, owned by BSkyB, Memery Crystal’s third major matter against easyGroup, after fights for easyart and easypizza.

IP and litigation partners David Hansel and Jane Marsden form the core of the practice area devoted to disputes with easyGroup.