Easy guide to tricky subject

'Judicial review' is a term used almost daily in the media, but few people understand what it means. Your readers may be interested in a publication for members of the public and lawyers unused to the procedures for judicial review.

'Is it lawful?' is a short guide recently published by the Public Law Project and explains the nature of judicial review, the source of the legal powers under which a public body can take a lawful decision or action, and describes what will make a decision unlawful and susceptible to challenge. The guide contains a straightforward description of the court procedures, right through to a full hearing of the application, providing advisers with a basic understanding of what happens in a judicial review application.

Going by our sales so far it seems that lawyers unfamiliar with this area of law are finding the booklet a handy introduction to judicial review.

Research by the Public Law Project shows that only a tiny percentage of lawyers have ever taken a case of judicial review and 'Is it lawful?' can help them identify appropriate cases and what the pitfalls are.

The guide is 32 pages long with cartoon illustrations by Phil Evans and costs u5 including postage.

Stephen Cragg

Project Solicitor

Public Law Project

17 Russell Square

London WC1B 5DR