On December 30, 2017, Beijing’s first medium-low speed maglev line S1 with independent intellectual property started its trial operation officially. Li Dongming, Li Jian and Yang Lu from East & Concord’s Beijing Office provided legal advice on the investment and construction of the project.

The magnetic levitation S1 line is a demonstration line of medium-low speed maglev transportation. Its trial operation marks the successful landing of research and development fruits of medium-low speed maglev technology. The operation of S1 line will efficiently improve the external traffic situation of Mentougou New Area and play a positive role in the adjustment of industrial structure in Shijingshan District.

In addition, it will promote the development of maglev transportation industry in China and provide powerful industrial confidence to fully implement the deployment of Made in China 2025, build brand for Beijing and carry out the national strategy of “Road & Belt Initiative” and “Going Global” with the involvement of maglev transportation.