DWS’s hush-hush push

Evidence backing up the rumours of Denton Wilde Sapte’s (DWS) back-door policy is beginning to emerge. The firm appears to be striking up confidentiality agreements with law firms poaching its partners in exchange for shortened notice periods. (Perhaps others could try this with Norton Rose?)

US firm LeBoeuf Lamb Greene & MacRae recently hired DWS
tax partner Judith Harger, but LeBoeuf was strangely quiet,
refusing to comment or press release its scoop despite previously saying the firm was dead keen on improving its London tax offering. As The Lawyerwent to press on Friday (26 May), Harger was still listed on the DWS website, despite being a fortnight into her new role at LeBoeuf. Her personal profile, still visible on Wednesday (24 May), had been removed though.

DWS admitted that she had left, and left quickly, but refused to be drawn on any agreement with LeBoeuf, claiming that the firm’s approach was “more mature than other firms’”. But it just makes you wonder how many other departing DWS partners have been shuffled out the back door.