DWS opts to reinstate biannual trainee intake

Denton Wilde Sapte (DWS) is reintroducing March intakes following a hiatus of almost six years.

The first new batch of March trainees will join DWS in 2007 and will see the firm take on between eight and 10 graduates. DWS hopes the move will offer more flexibility to potential trainees and increase its overall intake.

March’s intake was ditched following the merger of legacy firm Denton Hall and Wilde Sapte in 2001.

A spokesperson for DWS said that, post-merger, the firm had around 120 trainees and needed a few years to even out this situation and consolidate the merger. Having intakes in both September and March was also considered to be too costly at the time.

Trainees who arrived in March were also said to be at a disadvantage because of the way the firm’s in-house training was organised.

DWS said it is reinstating March intakes because these issues have been ironed out and it is confident of its future growth.
The trainee quotas for March will be in addition to the 30 trainees that the firm takes on in September.