“When I fall in love, it will be forever,” sang 60-menthol-a-day crooner Nat King Cole.

Sadly, in these days of compulsory pre-nups, the sentiment of the velvet-voiced troubadour is now little more than an interesting piece of social history, a bit like the notion of a successful Australian cricket team.

But the end of the romantic age isn’t bad news for everyone, especially not for that most noble branch of the legal fraternity: the divorce lawyer.

With such sentiment in mind, it’s a very happy new year from DWF, which has teamed up with the Co-operative Bank to offer at-odds couples who simply can’t afford to get rid of each other the opportunity to borrow money to pay for their divorce proceedings (see story). The OBE is surely in the post, right?

So, the lucky divorcees will also face up to the prospect of starting single life with a tidy IOU to lawyers and bankers. Joy piled upon joy.

And they aren’t the only ones who will be counting the costs of falling out of love. CMS Cameron McKenna has revealed that it took out a whoppin £4.5m bank loan to pay off the partners it de-equitised in last year’s putsch (see story).

Still, with life in the City getting less fun by the day, those partners may think that getting a Tammy Wynette was a blessing in disguise.


“Some women cry rape, knowing the allegation to be untrue, but nobody would suggest abolishing rape laws. Likewise, some employees bring specious claims, knowing them to be untrue. That is not a reason to throw out employment rights for everybody.”

Outer Temple’s Daniel Barnett takes issue with the Daily Mail on the big employment tribunal debate (see blog).