Dundas partners give Shaw second term at helm

Shaw and Campbell had served as joint managing partners since May 2006, with the former based in London while the latter was based in Scotland. Shaw had previously headed the firm’s real estate practice while Campbell was head of projects.

As sole managing partner Shaw will travel between the firm’s offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow and London.

Campbell will return to a client-facing role.

In a statement, the firm’s chairman David Hardie said: “Donald’s reappointment shows the regard in which he’s held by the firm’s partners. It also allows him to continue building on what he and Alan have achieved over the last four years.

“A lot has changed in the professional services market during that time but our ambition to grow our expertise and service offering across the UK is unwavering.

“Donald’s a highly experienced practitioner and, having managed the business with Alan through both good and bad market conditions, has shown that he has the skills to navigate Dundas into the best possible position in an evolving professional services market.”