Dundas partners confirm Penley, Wernham as new management team

Dundas & Wilson’s caretaker managing partners will carry on leading the firm following today’s elections.

Caryn Penley and Allan Wernham took over as interim managing partners after Donald Shaw stepped down halfway through his term in March (8 March 2012) and were today elected by partners to carry on in the role.

Information technology partner Laurence Ward has been elected to replace chairman David Hardie, who also stepped down from his role before his term was finished.

The new managing partners and chairman will begin their new roles from 1 August 2012.

Dundas held its final hustings and elections yesterday at the firm’s Glasgow office (see story, 14 June 2012).

In a statement, Wernham, said: “Caryn and I are honoured to be chosen by our partners to lead our firm and we look forward to delivering on our shared vision. We’ve been elected on a growth agenda and we will work with all of our colleagues to focus on our clients and ensure that our firm is best placed to meet the challenges ahead.”

Meanwhile, the new chairman, Ward, added: “As chairman, my first priority will be to support them [Penley and Wernham] in implementing and driving forward our firm’s strategy for growth.”