Dundas makes up one partner ahead of CMS merger, CMS promotes 30

CMS Cameron Mckenna has made up 30 partners in its latest promotions round but Dundas & Wilson has only promoted one ahead of the merger between both firms this week (1 May).

CMS included Dundas’ only new partner, real estate consultant Margaret McLean, as part of its own announcement today in anticipation of the tie-up on 1 May (12 December 2013).

She is one of only five new UK partners made up, all based in energy, construction and real estate. Last year CMS made up nine partners in the UK as part of its 31-strong promotions round (30 April 2013) and the previous round it made up eight in London alone (4 April 2012).

The Edinburgh-based partner is also one of only nine women who make up under 30 per cent of the new promotions.

The promotion of McLean, who moved over to Dundas in 2013 from collapsed firm Semple Fraser with 11 other lawyers, makes a stark contrast to Dundas’ bumper promotions round last year (13 March 2013).

Dundas made up 10 senior associates to partner in 2013 including seven women, the biggest promotions round for several years (1 May 2013). The year before it promoted four new partners. Nine of the promotions in 2013 were in the firm’s London office, instead its Aberdeen office received two new partners and its Edinburgh and Aberdeen offices both gained four each (30 April 2014).

The bulk of CMS’ new partners are in Germany, which has taken on nine partners in total. France has taken on three new partners and Bulagria, Hungary, Switzerland and the Netherlands have all also received new partners.

The promotions are split across 12 of the firm’s practice areas with six corporate partners promoted, four energy and construction partners and four employment partners. Last year the firm also made up 31 partners compared to  34 in 2012.

The introduction of the new partners will five the firm 830 in total when the merger with Dundas goes live next week.

In 2012/13 CMS’ partners injected £7.7m capital introduced by members, compared to just £800,000 in 2011/12 according to the LLP accounts (21 January 2013). That compared to £1.5m introduced last year, when the firm was also affected by £2.2m of also saw losses from its Moscow joint venture  up from £1.1m the previous year. That prompted an increse in shareholder loans to the Moscow office up from £97,000 in 2012  to £3.6m in 2013 (16 January 2014).

2014 partner promotions in full 

Marc-Etienne Sébire – Banking, France

Simona Marin – Banking, Romania

Beltrán Gómez de Zayas – Banking, Spain

Arnaud Hugot – Corporate, France

Lars Eckhoff – Corporate, Germany

Dr. Eckart Gottschalk – Corporate, Germany

Dr. Martina Schmid – Corporate, Germany

Ellen Gielen – Corporate, Netherlands

Matteo Ciminelli – Corporate, Italy

Assen Georgiev – Commercial, regulatory and disputes, Bulgaria

Martin Wodraschke – Commercial, regulatory and disputes, Hungary

Clemens von Zedtwitz – Commercial, regulatory and disputes, Switzerland

Lukas Janicek – Energy, projects, construction, Czech Republic

Richard Sinclair – Energy, projects, construction, UK

Phillip Ashley – Energy, projects, construction, UK

Loredana Mihailescu – Energy, projects, construction, Romania

Gaël Chuffart – Employment, Belgium

Nina Hartmann – Employment, Germany

Tobias Polloczek – Employment, Germany

Valeriy Fedoreev – Employment, Russia

Charlotte Louise Schildt – Insolvency, Germany

Monika Ploier – Lifesciences, Austria

Thomas Hirse – Lifesciences, Germany 

Bas Baks – Litigation, Netherlands

Maria Rodia – Pensions, UK

Przemyslaw Kucharski – real estate, Poland

Jules Needleman – Real estate, UK

Margaret McLean – Real estate, UK 

Romain Marsella – Tax, France

Florian Dietrich – TMT, Germany

Ole Jani – TMT, Germany