Dublin up

City lawyers could do with taking a leaf out of Irish law firms' books when it comes to having a good time. Matheson Ormsby Prentice really rolled out the welcome mat at the recent Ireland v France match at Lansdowne Road. The day started well, especially given the firm's choice of driver, who looked like a cross between Michael Caine and Jerry Springer. Well, that's what Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood, a regular client of the chauffeur service, says. If anything, Mathesons' hospitality was a little too good. After enjoying a tense but exciting match the party moved on to a new hot spot for Dublin's young and fashionable, The Ice Bar, and rapidly descended into drink-fuelled hilarity. The evening ultimately ended in farce when, at 2am, Tulkinghorn's helpers, the Mathesons crew and a Linklaters lawyer were ejected from the bar and had to force entry into the hotel's residents' bar. Unfortunately, only three of the six were in fact residents. A senior Mathesons partner tried the old “I know the owner of this hotel” chestnut, but the blagging was ultimately left to The Lawyer. When the reporter in question suggested that there were in fact three people staying in her room, the overly perceptive doorman replied that was impossible in a double room. The reporter smartly retorted that she had “a fun sandwich planned for the night”, thereby winning over the doorman and securing passage for the whole party. All enjoyed their tomato and cheese.