DTI gifts Linklaters £50k to ease stress

Linklaters has been given a £55,000 Government handout to help it draw up a better work-life balance for staff.

The funding, which comes in the form of consultancy time, is part of a £4m nationwide fund aimed at promoting innovative work practices.
Executive partner Mark Payne, who will oversee the project said: “It's a question of working smarter, not harder.” Payne also hit back at suggestions that, with top equity partners earning more than £1m this year, the firm could pay for the consultancy work itself.
“The point about the fund is the sharing of knowledge with other
organisations, and you don't get that by paying consultants,” he said.
A DTI spokesman said: “The idea of giving to a firm like Linklaters is that other firms can look at how flexible working can help a firm that size, and the project can be implemented elsewhere.”