DPS Software hosts cyber security seminar

A high-quality audience from a variety of leading legal practices joined us and our clients Elite Law Solicitors for a morning of inspiration and learning. A selected audience consisting of solicitors, practice managers, managing partners, financial analysts and IT managers attended our conference to learn about cyber security, the J-codes and Jackson’s proposed fixed fees.

The event took place at the IBM Client Centre in London. We would like to thank all the attendees for their presence, valuable contribution and the feedback offered at the end of the meeting. We hope to see you all at our next seminar.

The morning started off with Emma’s talk about law firm information security.

Her presentation was an introductory lecture on cyber security and included the following topics:

  • Why are law firms such high targets?
  • Cyber Security in the news
  • The cost of cyber crime compared to the cost of cyber security (cyber crime costs companies £381bn a year, globally. Businesses spend around £3,000 – £10,000 per day to protect and tackle the escalating threat to sensitive digital information.)
  • Types of hackers (hacktivists, stealth hackers, smart hackers)
  • ‘Have I been hacked?’ – awareness and prevention

Emma offered some basic practical tips for protecting your firm’s data such as:

  • putting in place a visitor policy and signing in procedure
  • developing an active culture of shredding confidential information
  • locking away confidential and sensitive information
  • adopting a clear desk, clear desktop policy
  • backing off data offline

Visit DPS’s website here to download Emma’s presentation from this event.