D&P boosts European coverage with Lindh

Alliance grows to nine as top Scandinavian commercial law firm signs up

DLA is adding one of Scandinavia’s largest law firms to its international alliance DLA & Partners (D&P) giving it a presence in all the key Western European jurisdictions.

Lindh Stabell Horten, which has offices in Copenhagen, Oslo, Bergen and Stockholm, will join D&P in July.

Lindh is the product of a merger between a Norwegian, Swedish and Danish firm in February 2000. It has more th an 180 lawyers and offers a full service in commercial law, including corporate and banking. It also advises on IT, intellectual property, tax, M&A, litigation, property and employment.

It is understood that Lindh was approached by other firms, including a number in the UK and US top 10.

Jens Jakob, a partner in the Copenhagen office, says that the culture of the alliance was the decisive factor in choosing D&P. “We decided we had to choose a modern, aggressive and large alliance. The strategy that DLA has set out is very much one that we share. DLA not only has offices in London but also in other parts of the UK and we feel that this shows that they can deal with other cultures,” he says.

“We know we’re not the centre of the world but we want to be able to influence what is going on in the alliance and to be a big part of it.”

DLA managing partner and D&P chief executive Nigel Knowles says that Lindh is attractive because it is already an integrated firm. He says: “Because it has successfully merged three offices in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, it has already seen the benefits of becoming pan-European.”

Knowles says that the move is a coup for D&P and that it means the firm is now ready to move on to the next stage of its strategy. “We’ll move from the finding-members stage to the making-it-work stage,” he says. “Our energy will go on integration and making the alliance work for our clients. We’ll concentrate on encouraging the clients of the individual law firms to become clients of the network.”

The move increases the number of D&P members to nine. The alliance comprises DLA in the UK, Price & Partners in Brussels, Ginestié Paley Vincent & Associés in France, Görg in Germany, De Berti Jacchia Perno & Associati in Italy and Russia, J Koh & Co in Singapore, Brugueras Garcia-Bragado Molinero & Asociados in Spain, and Schut & Grosheide in the Netherlands.