Dover droll

Tulkinghorn was terribly amused when he heard the story about the Lovells finance partner who recently received a call from a headhunter. The partner, who shall remain nameless to save him from blushes, was called in connection with a vacancy for a conveyancing lawyer at a Dover-based firm.

Although the partner’s ego was totally shattered, he thought he’d get his own back and asked the headhunter to find out whether the role would require him to handle registered or unregistered land. The headhunter clearly didn’t have a clue, but gamely got back to the partner and confirmed that the role would require him to deal mostly with registered land. The partner then asked how much the firm was offering, to which the headhunter replied £50,000. The partner was going to respond by asking whether this was per month, but thought that would be too cruel.

Still, in these days of partner culls, perhaps the headhunter knew more than he was letting on.