Doughty St faces fallout as ex-barrister is sentenced

Doughty Street Chambers is set to brave a storm created by former barrister Bruce Hyman, who is being sentenced for perverting the course of justice on Wednesday (19 September).

Hyman, who left chambers after being ordered to by the judge at his plea hearing, could make legal history by becoming the first barrister in 800 years to be imprisoned for this charge.

Once sentenced, Hyman could face disciplinary action in front of the Bar Standards Board, as his Inn is unlikely to accept the barrister voluntarily disbarring himself.

Hyman, a former radio and television producer, represented ex-radio executive Karen Sanders Young in her battle for custody of her child with former banker Simon Eades.

During the case Hyman faked an email from campaign group Families Need Fathers, which had a judgment of a case claiming to set a precedent allowing Eades rights to access, which he sent to Eades.

Eades produced this as evidence to the court where Hyman claimed was a false document.

As a result of Hyman’s allegation, Eades traced the email to a London electronics shop where Hyman was caught on CCTV sending the fake document. Eades presented this to the court.

Hyman was brought in front of Judge Michael Selfe, who warned the barrister not to expect leniency from a system he had abused.

One senior clerk at a top 30 set told The Lawyer: “These stigmas tend to stick to that barrister and any long-term clients of others in chambers tend to stay loyal,” said the clerk. “It’s going to be question of Doughty Street drawing a veil on it and weathering the storm.”

Doughty Street declined to comment.