Don't get the bars mixed up

Traditionally, journalists, as with lawyers, welcome a bevy as much as an Englishman his Bedouin oasis. But now, in this crazy world of the health obsessed, reporters' tongues yearn carrot juice as much as they once sought out fine wines, or whatever else was on the menu.
However, 29 Bedford Row is doing its utmost to revert journalists and lawyers to their former state of alcoholic craving in the shape of a spankingly fantastic bar in its basement room, a former strongroom. It is the first set to do so and the bar is the location for some of the finest conversation at the – other – bar, as well as offering free booze (it has no licence). Tulkinghorn lapped up the opportunity last week to relax his weary head, gaze fondly at a large framed photo of Audrey Hepburn and generally immerse himself in the relaxed surroundings, assisted by the brilliant red paintwork. It is not wide and has a low ceiling, but is long enough for thoughts to drift down, befuddled by the sumptuous mix of Stella Artois and monologues on the ups and downs of CFAs. Cheers to the man whose idea it was to establish the bar, none less than the set's head of chambers Peter Ralls QC.