Don't forget the public LPCs

We read with interest your special report on the Legal Practice Course (LPC). We fully support much of what was said in the article and commend your efforts to stimulate the debate.

However, we are concerned that the article quoted, and concentrated, on the two private providers of the LPC and failed to refer, except in passing, to the other 26 providers.

The public providers of the LPC offer superb courses that are cost-effective to students. We do all we can to help students resolve the financial difficulties that those wishing to undertake the LPC encounter.

London Guildhall University offers significant discounts to LPC students who have undertaken our undergraduate course or CPE. We can arrange for payment of fees by instalments in suitable cases and intend to establish a scholarship scheme.

We further offer firms that create standard student arrangements with us a substantial discount on the fee per student. We fully appreciate the significant financial burden of the LPC to firms and use this discount scheme to assist them.

Unfortunately, your article failed to address any of these points and any other schemes offered by public providers who, after all, train a large percentage of future solicitors. By concentrating on the private providers you imply that the options open to students are limited, and that is not fair to them or the profession as a whole.

Gaon Hart, LPC associate director, London Guildhall University