Don’t dictate to me

The reign of terror at Lovells continues. First the door is shown to 25 partners, now it’s the turn of the innocent dictaphone.

From on high comes word of the dawn of digital dictation and the death of the soliloquy-recording machine. In comes the latest technology, banned is the black and silver box. But what’s this? Lovells has a renegade in its midst (“Just the one?” Tulkinghorn hears you cry). A partner, who shall remain anonymous for obvious reasons, is determined to hang on to his friendly voice recording tool. His determination to continue employing its functions knows no bounds. It even stretches to making his pronouncements while hiding under his desk and passing the outlawed weapon of choice to his willing accomplice, his secretary. How long this worthy subterfuge can survive is anybody’s guess, but Tulkinghorn for one wishes him well.