Don't call me pint sized

I refer to your article entitled "Hard tax, soft porn" (25 June). Although I appreciate that in some quarters "any publicity is good publicity", I do think you should note the following:

Marilyn Chamers was a client of my firm, Lubar & Youngstein, before I joined Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, and she certainly did have tax matters in the UK for which she needed help.

If your reporter had been a bit more observant, he might also have noticed another photograph with a similar inscription from Miss Piggy for whom we also handled tax matters.

I am not sure of the definition of "pint size" but I do stand five foot ten, somewhat taller, I recall, than the reporter whose excitement over Marilyn inspired the article.

Charles G Lubar

Morgan, Lewis & Bockius

Pall Mall,

London SW1.