Don’t call me Dave

The thwarted Miliband brother might disagree, but new research suggests that if you want a fighting chance of running the show in the legal profession it helps to be called David.

As we reveal today, five per cent of all partners in the top 50 are known by the name that apparently derives from the Hebrew word for beloved, which also happens to be common among white middle class men. Funny that (see story).

David Morley, one of the three Davids making up the management teams of the big four (the others being Messrs Childs and Cheyne), thinks that such prevalence is down to age more than other social indicators.

“David was a popular name when I was born in the 1950s,” Morley told The Lawyer.

The most popular female partner name is Sarah (meaning ’lady’), but given that women on average spend three fewer years at their firms than men, and only make up 18 per cent of City partnerships, it’s no surprise that there isn’t a Sarah between the nine managers in the top four (see story). Yet.