Doing the rounds

Tulkinghorn hears from his colleagues who were teenagers in the 1980s that a great night out for a 14-year-old was to be spent at the local ice rink. With the possibility of meeting members of the opposite sex who were not in your school and thumping tunes from the rickety sound system, the local rink was sheer heaven.
Of course, once you got a bit older, the attraction of spending hours and hours going around in circles paled somewhat. Unless, of course, you work for Slaughter and May, in which case you have probably not had a window in your diary for 'fun' since 1987. Which may explain why a team from Slaughters won a recent ice skating competition held by Sense, a charity for the deaf and blind. Averaging 44 laps each, the team showed the perseverance and stamina that one has come to expect from Slaughters. Sadly, though, it seems that the lack of daylight and not being able to get out while the shops are open may have affected their dress sense. Especially the deluded woman in the leggings and pink legwarmers.
Oh no, Tulkinghorn's mistake – the clothing is deliberate and ironic because the evening had an 1980s theme. That's one excuse anyway.