'Do not stand' advice mounts around Mears

Pressure is mounting on Martin Mears to stand down from the Law Society elections after an open letter from council member David McIntosh, published in The Lawyer this week, called on him to “stop hankering after another go at the presidency”.

McIntosh, senior partner at Davies Arnold Cooper, said he bore Mears no hostility but warned that a bid for re-election could undermine the profession's interests. He advised Mears to support the Sycamore, Mathews and Sayer ticket.

“You will perpetuate the sort of mistakes to which you have already admitted if you continue to categorise as enemies those who do not agree with you,” McIntosh wrote.

Mears, who said last month that he would stand for president for a third time, is believed to be reassessing his position after his former running mate, Robert Sayer, decided to stand with the current society vice-president, Phillip Sycamore.

See open letter, page 2.