DLA Piper to adopt standard reporting

DLA Piper Rudnick Gray Cary is set to roll out a standard approach to cross-border transactions across its global network, based on a system developed by the UK real estate team.

DLA Piper’s Birmingham office has been the UK real estate practice’s hub for the British Relay programme for the past seven months.

British Relay “offers DLA offices around the UK a central source for project work to be divvied up in an efficient and coordinated manner”, according to joint global real estate head David Taylor.

“Any firm with a number of offices should already be doing this well, but lawyers tend to make simple things complicated – this keeps simple thing simple,” Taylor added. “Internationally, we’re using the system to get a set of standard reporting measures across the firm.

“We had a lot of UK, US and European lawyers thrown together quickly, and we’ve been through a process of assessing our capabilities.

“The next step is to standardise our reporting, so that a UK lawyer who needs to report to a US client understands what that client expects to see.”

DLA Piper’s British Relay operates on the same concept as Lovells’ Mexican Wave, but keeps the work within the firm.

“It’s accepted that our costs are lower in some of our offices. This is going to make us more money and keep our clients happier,” said Taylor.