DLA Piper: Management told “churn to earn”

DLA Piper is the world’s largest law firm, employing around three zillion lawyers on every continent. So it knows a thing or two about what needs to be done to keep such a behemoth running.

It also knows all about bureaucracy and the problems a top-heavy leadership structure can cause. Just last month the firm unveiled its new “streamlined” global management team featuring London IP partner Simon Levine as its next joint CEO.

Now it’s looking to do something about its second tier of leaders. For some time there have been rumblings emanating from the non-US side of the business (Americans bill, period) about growing discontent over the number of non fee-earning managers at the firm. Let’s, for the sake of brevity, call them fat cat lawyers. Now DLA Piper is planning to cut the cats’ fat.

In short, if super-earning partners in management positions want to continue taking home fat wedge they’re going to have to fee earn.

That should sort out the supermen from the boys.

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