DLA mistakes punch bowl

DLA is always trying to dispel the myth that they're a bunch of Northern hard nuts. But it's very difficult when word gets out that police were called to break up a fracas following the Yorkshire Cricket Club Christmas party at Headingley Cricket Grounds in Leeds, attended by said firm. One mole tells us that there were arrests, overturned tables and all sorts of mayhem. As it turns out, no charges were brought, and things have been smoothed over at the firm. Tulkinghorn is happy to see that the Christmas spirit prevailed.
Mind you, Tulkinghorn reckons that DLA probably isn't the only firm to have Christmas party gossip. Not that he's one to spread rumours, but any other interesting or lurid stories can be emailed to tulkinghorn@the lawyer.com. Tulkinghorn may even be able to dredge up a prize for the best story (perhaps that nasty tie he received in his Christmas stocking this year).