Divorce kiosk goes on display

THE VERY latest in “self-service” justice was paraded before lawyers at the Legal Action Group conference.

An electronic kiosk which fills in divorce forms, explains to tenants how to deal with an eviction notice and generally leads litigants through the legal system was put through its paces by delegates.

The American invention is currently deployed in courts in LA, Long Beach and Ventura as a way of cutting delays and making justice more user-friendly.

Theresa Laird of Pennsylvania-based North Communications which developed the idea, says the kiosks guarantee speedy, consistent information.

Using an on-screen keyboard, clients can apparently cut through the legalese and are guided to the information and services they desire.

“One of the advantages of the system is that it frees up solicitors to do what they have been trained to do, which is practice law, rather than to fill up forms,” says Laird.

The conference also featured a presentation from Terry Purcell, director of the New South Wales Law Foundation, who reviewed the advance of technology and its impact on improving access to justice.