Thanks to Watson Burton partner Nich-olas Craig, Tulkinghorn knows ne-ver to use the Law Society’s showering facilities.
In a letter of complaint to the Law Society president, Craig
noted that the state of the showers was an absolute disgrace. The letter, dated 11 August, read: “Upon entering the shower area, the door was propped open by a fire extinguisher, in flagrant breach of the health and safety regulations. On looking at the fire extinguisher, I noticed that it was covered in dust, which enabled me to trace my initials on it.”
During the visit Craig discovered that there was no soap in the single dispenser that hadn’t been ripped out of the wall. “I therefore had to progress out of the shower area into the general gents’ area in a near state of nakedness, when some poor young solicitor entered the gents and was confronted by this elderly beached whale… The last time he had seen something like this it must have had a harpoon in it.”
The letter continued: “Having risked various diseases by having a shower, there came the problem of drying myself, and this had to be solved by utilising the roller towel, which I had to wrap around myself like an Egyptian mummy.”
Craig is still waiting for a response from the Law Society.