Rowe & Maw is launching a brand-building advertising campaign on London

Underground aimed at bringing its name home to City commuters.

The Rowe & Maw poster ads will occupy space currently advertising KPMG's

services at Bank station, says a Rowe & Maw spokesman.

The spokesman says Rowe & Maw needs to raise its profile.

The ad proclaims: “big on commitment… and long standing relationships.”

A campaign featuring the slogan on a poster half the size of a billboard in

Bank station this month will be followed by a 50-tube station campaign in


Although posters have been used by law firms in the past to launch new

offices and for recruitment, City firms have shied away from them.

A marketing expert at a rival firm says that law firms see poster

campaigns as expensive and unfocused: “Very few law firms have used poster

signs. Most regard them as broad-brushed mediums.”

Rowe & Maw is also planning to move to custom-built offices in Blackfriars

Court in spring 2001. It will keep its Cobham House base, but will drop

other locations, including its premises in Sea Containers House.