Diet, get a new job, or run a law firm

Particularly for the leaders of the two firms that have unveiled changes at the top, Dundas & Wilson (see story) and Barlow Lyde & Gilbert (see story). It’s a time of new starts.

For Donald Shaw, newly elected as Dundas’s sole managing partner after former co-chief Alan Campbell stood down from management, the heat is on to convince the market that the firm’s City outpost continues to be hale and hearty. Last year the Scottish-headquartered firm saw several high-level departures from London. While closing London looks unlikely, there have been growing signs that it is retrenching back to its Scottish roots.

Shaw should set out his stall as soon as possible to dispel the uncertainty currently surrounding Dundas.

And as for BLG, a firm characterised by a monumental turnover of partners over the past few years, uncertainty has become its stock in trade. The outgoing chief executive Clint Evans is thought to have been brought in to steady the ship, a process that itself will have included a degree of weeding out.

Under new CEO David Jabbari, BLG will have to prove to the market that a new era is about to begin.

As for Evans, his destination is currently unknown, but there’s always the cross-Atlantic rowing to fall back on.

Ship ahoy.


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