Dickson Minto

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Position: 74
Firm: Dickson Minto

Turnover: £35m
Profit per equity partner: £1,125K
Earnings per partner: £1,071K
Equity spread: £300K-£1,400K
Net profit: £18m
Profit margin: 51 per cent
Revenue per fee-earner: £350K
Revenue per lawyer: £500K
Revenue per partner: £2,059K
Revenue per equity partner: £2.19m
Total number of fee-earners: 100
Total number of qualified partners: 70
Total number of partners: 17
Total number of equity partners: 16
Total number of female partners: 1
Total number of female equity partners: 1
Total number of staff: 130
Leverage ratio (equity partners/fee-earners): 1:3.4

2006-07: Corporate 1
2005-06: Corporate 1
2004-05: Corporate 1

2006: 0
2005: 0
2004: 0

Intake as percentage of partnership: 5.6
New female partners as percentage of intake: 100
Equity structure: 11 equity partners, 7 non-equity
Practice area(s) most heavily promoted: Corporate
*Figures supplied relate to the calendar year

Dickson Minto did not respond to the survey. But according to The Lawyer’s research, the corporate boutique has stuck to its guns and not made any lateral hires at partner level for several years. Internal appointments are also few and far between, with one partner made up a year.