Dibbs hires brewery specialist for EU dept

Dibb Lupton Alsop has added a brewing sector specialist partner to its EU competition team.

Martin Rees was formerly deputy director and senior legal adviser of the Brewers and Licensed Retailers Association, where he spent just over a decade.

But his position at the association has now been abolished after it decided to buy in legal advice as and when needed.

Rees will be based in London but will answer to the Brussels office.

He comments: “While I was at the association, I took the industry through a Monopolies & Merger Committee investigation, and recently, the European Commission has said some strange things about block exemptions to pub ties, which has led to around 600 cases before the courts at the moment.

“I spotted a great opportunity at Dibb Lupton Alsop,” he says. “It has a European capability that exceeds that of many other firms and it has an unusual political awareness in the Brussels office.”