Dewey & LeBoeuf has launched a redundancy consultation in London with the aim of reducing its associate headcount by approximately 15.

The US firm will cut about 9 per cent of London-based associates and will also shed 13 per cent of support staff in the capital.

In an email sent to all London staff chairman Steve Davis said: “We don’t believe that a major improvement in the economy is likely in the near term.

“In order to maintain a strong dynamic and competitive business we can’t refrain from responding to these challenges. To this end the firm has been reviewing its operations in the London office.

“The measures we are implementing in London are part of a comprehensive global review of the firm’s business.”

Davis added that London-based trainees will not be affected by the proposed headcount reduction.

Last year The Lawyer reported that Dewey had shut down its Charlotte office months after announcing the closure of Austin, Hartford and Jacksonville (27 October 2008).

This year the firm further reduced its US network by shutting its San Francisco office and moving the four partner, three counsel and 10 associate team to nearby Silicon Valley (3 February).

Davis said: “We have already made a number of changes to reduce our costs across the firm. We’ll continue to manage our expenses carefully and are committed to exploring additional measures to minimise any further headcount reductions.”