Dewey & LeBoeuf names executive board

Newly merged firm Dewey & LeBoeuf has named the partners that will serve on the executive board responsible for managing the firm on a global basis.

The 22-member executive board will combine the former LeBoeuf Lamb Green & McRae 11-member board and Dewey Ballantine’s six member executive board, adding five new Dewey partners.

Former Dewey partners on the board are: Hanno Berger, Lejb Fogelman, Fred Gander, Bruno Gattai, Lawrence Hill, Jeffrey Kessler, Morton Pierce, John Salmon, Richard Shutran, James Smith and Gordon Warnke.

Former LeBoeuf partners are: Ann Ashton, Jane Boisseau, Steven Davis, Joseph Ferraro, John Kluaberg, Jeffrey Mace, Lawrence Pollack, Peter Sharp, James Thompson and James Woods.

The new firm’s chairman Steven Davis said: “The details of the executive committee were included in the information provided to the partners before the partner vote. The merger vote demonstrated the support for the combination across both firms.”

Last week (25 September) The Lawyer reported that the Dewey partnership agreement was dissolved ahead of the merger vote, putting both firms under the LeBoeuf structure.

“The intention is not to take over Dewey. This was a technicality that had to be done to allow the merger to go ahead more smoothly,” Davis explained.

While the executive committee has been decided on it is not yet clear who will head up the combined firm’s London office.

Davis said: “This has all happened in a very short space of time and we have not yet come to a decision about who will be the head of the London office. We have to take it one step at a time.”