Dentons has launched an investigation into the behaviour of a legacy Maclay Murray & Spens partner, after female employees flagged alleged inappropriate sexual behaviour.

Dentons has suspended the partner pending the outcome of the investigation, kick-started last week.

A Dentons spokesperson said: “Last week we became aware that reports of inappropriate behaviour were made against a Maclay Murray and Spens (MMS) partner about 15 months ago, more than a year before MMS’s merger with Dentons. No formal complaint was made at the time or has been made subsequently, but we now understand the partner was warned about his future conduct.

“Dentons places huge importance on ensuring that we create a safe, open and respectful workplace for all our employees, and we are taking these reports very seriously.

“Upon becoming aware of these reports, we launched an internal investigation and the partner concerned is now on a leave of absence and will not be attending the office while the investigation is ongoing.

“We will be making no further comment until the investigation has concluded and all parties have been informed of the outcome.”

There have long been rumours in the UK market of high-profile partners at numerous firms exiting for alleged inappropriate sexual behaviour. There have also been similar stories in top London chambers. However, any official confirmations of investigations into any of these exits tend to be rare.

The merger between Dentons and Maclays, which took place last year, added 258 lawyers to its UK base and gave the firm offices in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow.