Dentons introduces de-stressing initiative

The initiative will see all lawyers undertake hour-long training on recognising signs of stress and improved management techniques.

The firm’s health and wellbeing officer Carole Watling said this was not due to problems created by the recession.

“We think it will promote the health and wellbeing of those in the firm. We realise that if we don’t look after our people now the firm and the country will suffer,”
said Watling.

She pointed to national data suggesting that employers lose on average 7.4 days per year as a result of mental ill-health, with a cost per employee per year of £692.

“We’re a professional partnership,” she said. “You can imagine it will be more expensive [for us].”

The firm also offers ­counselling and relaxation skills as part of its longstanding ‘Health Balance’ programme, with “incidents of certain illnesses” having reduced as a result, ­according to Watling.