DEC support service aims to cut costs for small firms

Helen Sage reports

A survey commissioned by computer giant Digital Equipment has discovered that the average PC user encounters around 17 computer problems each month.

Assuming each problem takes one hour to solve, the average user in the legal profession is spending two-and-a-half days per month fixing computer problems, the equivalent to approximately £1.5 billion in wasted money for the small business sector each year.

In response to the survey, Digital's Multivendor Customer Services has launched PC Rescue, a PC support service which deals with any PC hardware or software problem. The service also covers CD-ROMs, scanners and monitors.

David Allen, Digital's marketing director, said: "Apart from the large city firms, which have their own IT teams, the legal profession is typified by a large number of standalone PC users and small PC networks, and for these there seems to be a lack of satisfaction with current support arrangements."