Deans Court clerk moves to Leeds set

A senior clerk at Deans Court in Manchester has left her post after 13 years to join Park Court Chambers in Leeds.

Terry Creathorn is moving from the Manchester mixed civil, criminal and family set to replace the senior clerk at Park Court Chambers in Leeds, where Roy Kemp has announced that he is retiring from the mixed civil, family, crime and commercial set in the spring.

Stephen Grime QC became head of Deans Court chambers in December. He revealed that a senior clerk would be appointed before May.

Grime says: "After 13 successful years at Deans Court, Terry has decided to join Park Court. We part on the best of terms."

Creathorn was promoted to the position of senior clerk seven years ago. She joined Deans Court from 28 St John Street Chambers and leaves Deans Court after 13 years.

Deans Court has eight silks and 36 juniors.