Davenport Lyons hearts HowardKennedyFsi

It’s Valentines Day, in case your roses haven’t arrived and you forgot and who could resist this tale of true love? Davenport Lyons and HowardKennedyFsi are considering taking it to second base and beyond (that’s a merger, in legal business terms).

The firms are understood to have been flirting for a few weeks, after Davenport Lyons was left staring into the abyss because its potential Romeo, Shakespeares, called off tie-up talks.

Suspicion of strains at Private Eye adviser Davenport Lyons have since hit boiling point, but the firm hasn’t wasted a moment being out of the game. Nope, it got right back on the dating scene and dived head first for fellow West Ender HowardKennedyFsi.

Yes, this is a real-life West End story, but will it end in tragedy? Cast your mind back to last September and online dating website eHarmony’s tips on dating a lawyer, complete with free legal notepads and interesting law-school stories. Maybe this is what’s really driving the deal?

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