Davenport Lyons’ client list gets the sex factor

<a class=Davenport Lyons’ client list gets the sex factor” />London media firm Davenport Lyons is bulking up its client list with porn companies as part of a push into copyright litigation.

Dispute resolution partners David Gore and Roger Billins, along with IP partner Brian Miller, have set up a group to advise copyright owners on internet IP breaches – and have begun sending cease-and-desist letters to people suspected of illegally downloading pornography, music and games from peer-to-peer networks.

The firm sent a letter demanding £500 from an elderly couple, accusing them of illegally downloading gay porn film Army F*ckers. The couple are protesting their innocence.

The firm’s clients include German company DigiProtect, which owns the rights to Army F*ckers.

Billins said the firm would accept porn companies as clients “as long as they can prove to us that they own the rights to the titles and that the content isn’t illegal”.

The firm will accept clients whose films have a British Board of Film Classification rating of up to R18 – the classification given to hardcore pornography.

The rating is typically awarded to films that are shown in specially licensed cinemas or sold in licensed sex shops.

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