Dates on a plate

Thirteen days, 13 dates, 13 different girls. Bircham Dyson Bell communications adviser David Flynn certainly doesn’t think 13 is an unlucky number, but he’s hoping the 14th is really going to be where he hits the jackpot: 14 February to be precise – Valentine’s Day.

Flynn has volunteered to go on a public dating spree between 1 and 13 February. That’s one date every night. He then selects a ‘winner’ to take out on Valentine’s Day. It’s all under the dubious guise of ‘Love on the South Bank’, a shameless promotion for the London area described as “one of the capital’s most popular date destinations”.

Flynn is approaching this Valentine’s Day as a self-described “marathon girl-fest”, although Tulkinghorn supposes it’s more likely to be either heartache or a headache. Either way, Flynn is going to need a lot of stamina.

According to the event’s PR guff: “David is on the lookout for an outgoing and attractive girl aged 23 to 29 with long hair (not fussy whether blonde or brunette) that enjoys going to the theatre, art exhibitions, gigs and pubs.”

His conquests, or lack thereof, will be detailed in full cringe-making glory in his online diary, revealing just how Errol this Flynn is. And the best part? Interested ladies who like the look of Flynn can nominate themselves to go on a date (check out

At Tulkinghorn Towers, Birchams is known (for some reason) as ‘Boogie Down’. Flynn looks like he’s about to get the opportunity to do plenty of that.