DAC helps clients find firms online

A Davies Arnold Cooper partner has launched an internet contact service that helps clients find a suitable firm.

Anthony Armitage, who maintains his position at DAC while holding the title of chief executive of FirstLAW.co.uk, says that clients log in their problem and trained lawyers advise them who to consult.

He admits that since the site's launch, every single transaction has been referred to a DAC lawyer, but he hopes to broaden the service and says it has huge implications for foreign companies in need of a lawyer.

Armitage says: “A lot of clients are quite ignorant about how to choose their firm and I am amazed that nobody else appears to have thought of this.

“For clients, the service is like having a hotshot legal buddy.

“Our independent service puts them in touch with the right person, for any branch of law.

“It will particularly suit foreign clients, who may have no idea about which firm to go to.

“It is also good for lawyers as we can screen service and just direct the most suitable business.”

Profits come in through an individual contract negotiated with the law firm once it has been formally selected by the client.

FirstLAW picks up a variable percentage of the value of the deal.

Clients can only use the free service if their legal bill will be more than £500. Armitage says the service is aimed at small to medium-size businesses.

Site managers promise to oversee the case throughout proceedings and give a second opinion to clients at any stage.