DAC alone among tipped companies

DAVIES Arnold Cooper is the only law firm to appear on a roll call of the UK's top 100 companies of the future.

The City firm joins the likes of Marks & Spencer, British Airways, BT and ICI in a study by the Corporate Research Foundation just published by McGraw-Hill.

Under the DAC entry, the study says: “Law firms are in general badly managed but there are some notable exceptions and DAC is one of them.

“This firm is run as a business rather than a professional practice. It has concentrated on its core strengths since the early 1960s and is remarkably profitable.”

On its “scorecard”, the firm gets five stars for “human resources management” and five for “structural flexibility”.

DAC senior partner David McIntosh said of the entry: “DAC is proud to break ranks from the rest of the legal profession.” He said the firm concentrated on the quality of its lawyers and on innovation.

The study is based on an assessment of more than 1,000 companies in 1994/1995 on their long-term competitiveness and prospects. Of these, 250 were selected and evaluated by, among others, Dun & Bradstreet and the DTI.

Corporate Strategies of the Top UK Companies of the Future is published by McGraw-Hill.